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The Spy in Canaan: My Secret Life as a Covert Agent in the Middle East
The Spy in Canaan
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When Grandma was a Girl
When Grandma
was a Girl

When Grandpa was a Boy
When Grandpa
was a Boy

Footprints in the Sand

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When Grandma Was a Girl and When Grandpa Was a Boy

When Grandma Was a Girl and When Grandpa Was a Boy Coming Soon!

An imaginative and humorous treasure-house of short and alluring stories written and illustrated for children by Ruth R. Schack and Howard H. Schack. Children will be intrigued by the concept of this book, and captivated by the beauty found in the book's illustrations.

"When Grandma Was a Girl" and "When Grandpa Was a Boy" pay tribute to grandparents in general through memories experienced by the authors, challenging young readers to appreciate that their grandparents were once young like them. Grandma and Grandpa describe events in narrative and visual form that gives the reader the opportunity to see their grandparents from both inside and out.

The book's contents comprise less of a story than descriptions of wonderful times playing, eating, sleeping, hugging, making things, traveling, singing and celebrating, being together with not much in the way of material things, but with a great deal of love and values as well as wisdom.

This is a novel for young people to read, think about, and then read again.

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