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The Spy in Canaan: My Secret Life as a Covert Agent in the Middle East
The Spy in Canaan
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When Grandma was a Girl
When Grandma
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When Grandpa was a Boy
When Grandpa
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Footprints in the Sand

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Desert Storms: A Fascinating Journey Behind the Headlines

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The global arms race is on, several nations are trying to match American armed force by seeking atomic weaponry to gain deterrence, and because they are so far behind they are willing to gamble everything on the chance of catching up. Stealth drones, guided smart munitions that hit precisely where aimed; antitank bombs that guide themselves; space-relayed data links that allow squad leaders to know where opposition forces are located all this advanced technology, and more are involved in a lightening strike of Iraq.

( Historical / Current Events / International Affairs: ISBN: 1-58721-990-5 )

By: Howard H. Schack, 468 Pages, Maps, Pictures

6" x 9", Trade Paperback $25.00 "Desert Storms" is distributed by Ingram Books and can be ordered from:;; Barnes & Noble; Borders; and 25,000 bookstores worldwide.

"Desert Storms" can be downloaded in book format from the Internet directly to your computer by contacting

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