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The Spy in Canaan: My Secret Life as a Covert Agent in the Middle East
The Spy in Canaan
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The Outside Insider: Oil, Secrets and Spies

The Outside Insider: Oil, Secrets and Spies Purchase this Book

It has been said that once an era ends, it becomes ripe for reassessment. It is thus with more than a pinch of curiosity that The Outside Insider captures perfectly the tensions of the Middle East as Adam innocently enters the obscure world of espionage and becomes a member of a renown elite that has a date with reality.

There are successes in Adam's intelligence community which were rarely noted but have changed the course of history. Then there are the failures. Those failures have also changed the course of history, whether failures of espionage or failures of analysis. Had administrations heeded intelligence reports Hezbollah might not exist today, the World Trade Center might still stand and the Iraq War might never have happened ? combinations that many in the non fiction world look back on with regret.

A number of things stand out in The Outside Insider. The first is the extent and unusual methods by which Adam acquired first rate military intelligence. The second is the reasons Adam consented to take on assignments with life threatening risks. Waiting for him in the Middle East are tribal and cultural grudges where the present is the past traveling under a pseudonym.

The world is under a threat, and thrown in for good measure are secret liaisons, confrontations, prejudices, politics, rivalries and personalities formulated into an exciting and compelling interplay of peoples in search of their individual goals.

Mixed together into an explosive environment are impressive moments intertwined with history in a logical and interesting format that the reader will be able to visualize clearly through Adam’s emotions, determination, and concerns—all experienced during difficult assignments.

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( Historical Fiction: )
By: Howard H. Schack, 404 Pages.

6"x9" Trade Paperback: @ $19.00 (ISBN 1-4241-4685-2. The Outside Insidercan be ordered from or through; Barnes & Noble; Borders; Waldenbooks, and 25,000 bookstores worldwide.

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