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The Spy in Canaan: My Secret Life as a Covert Agent in the Middle East
The Spy in Canaan
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Secret Agenda: One Man's Fight Against High-Tech Terrorists and Their Biological and Nuclear Weapons of Annihilation

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With introduction by Congressman Benjamin A. Gilman, Chairman Foreign Affairs Committee of the United States Congress.

Living in a middle class suburb are two men the U.S. government would eventually identify as "designated global terrorists." Secret Agenda is a novel written just prior to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, in which the book accurately predicts that covert terrorist operatives would shortly coordinate attacks from within the sanctuary of the United States.

Without a trove of information, the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies could not have legally investigated potential terrorist threats to sniff out their infrastructure, its fund-raising activities, or their "sleeper" agents prior to the Patriot Act.

Current and former police, military and public prosecutors describe the predictions outlined in the book as "significant" and "compelling."

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( Historical / Current Events / International Affairs: ISBN: 1-56171-956-0 )

By: Howard H. Schack, 326 Pages, Maps, Pictures,

6" x 9", Trade Paperback $25.00 "Secret Agenda" is distributed by SPI Books and can be ordered from:;; Barnes & Noble; Borders; and 25,000 bookstores worldwide.

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