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The Spy in Canaan: My Secret Life as a Covert Agent in the Middle East
The Spy in Canaan
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A Spy In Canaan: A Touching Tale of How a Dedicated Person Lived His Life

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Woven throughout this exciting novel are insights into the people of the Middle East; their history, customs, rituals and history and the sharp contrast between age-old struggles.

A Spy in Canaan is the story about a search for information, a quiet narrative in which the main character follow leads toward a reckoning about the land of his forbears, seeking to understand everything about that part of the world where each faction cannot get along with the other.

( Historical / International Affairs: ISBN: 1-55972-178-0 )

By: Howard H. Schack, 246 Pages, Maps, Pictures

6" x 9", Hard Cover $25.00 A Spy in Canaan can be ordered from:;; Barnes & Noble; Borders; Waldenbooks and 25,000 bookstores worldwide.

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