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Terrorism at Your Doorstep: A Journey Through Civilizations, A Troubled Past and Uncertain Future

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Terrorism at Your Doorstep is about what should be on everyone’s mind—protection against terrorism. A recent Associated Press news release reported that 75 percent of Americans do not have an emergency preparedness plan. They should be afraid—very afraid, not only for the moment but also in the future.

Overwhelming evidence proves that prospects for controlling potentially catastrophic terrorism short term are not good. Yet, some ill-informed citizens continue to live with the assumption that they can live as they have always lived or that a life-threatening event will happen to the next guy and not them. Others live with the false assumption that they can ride out the threat without becoming personally involved. All the more reason, of course, to explain the psychology of terrorists as well as suggested methods to best protect future generations.

Terrorism at Your Doorstep is a highly informative document necessary for the safety of every household.

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( Historical / Current Events / International Affairs: )
By: Howard H. Schack

Or 6"x9" Trade Paperback: @ $20.00 (ISBN: 1-4137-5800-2. Terrorism at Your Doorstep can be ordered from or through; Barnes & Noble; Borders; Waldenbooks, and 25,000 bookstores worldwide.

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